Explosive Educational Services

Comprehensive, up-to-date series of training seminars in the explosives industry
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Explosive Technical Services

Innovative advanced technical engineering, project management, training, services and solutions for safety, blast design and explosive applications
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Explosive Render Safe Services

Specializing in unique, one-of-a-kind remediation applications for improperly stored, damaged, discarded, misfired and abandoned explosives
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3GSM - 3G Software and Measurement

Let us maximize safety and blast performance or we can specify the necessary equipment and software for your application
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September 10 - 12, 2024 in Rapid City, South Dakota

RAM Inc knows Explosives.

The leading provider of Explosives Training and Explosive Technical Services

RAM Inc. is an international blast engineering and consulting firm that focuses on improving productivity and safety through blast optimization, advanced technical services and explosive training. We also specialize in explosive disposal and explosive render safe services.

UpComing Explosives Courses

Our BEST course instructs attendees on explosives safety and application, hazard recognition, accident prevention as well as regulatory and new product updates.
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We offer a wide range of services to include:

  Blast optimization

  Fragmentation improvement

  Wall control

   Borehole equipment sales and training


  Minimizing ground vibration and air overpressure levels

  Explosive remediation and explosive disposal

  Portable x-ray service, sales and training

  Face profiling service and borehole survey


  Borehole inspection camera

  Explosive testing

   Ore dilution control

  3GSM Surface Video Tutorials

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We Offer Professional Consultation, Explosives Education Services,
Technical Services, Sales and Training

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