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Boretrak 2 - Borehole-Deviation Measurement System

The Boretrak2 borehole deviation measurement system is a simple-to-use, gyro-based system for measuring the deviation of boreholes drilled in underground mines or on the surface in quarries or open-pit mines.


BoreTrak 2

The Boretrak2 is used to measure hole deviation for utmost blast efficiency, optimal safety, and complete accuracy. The system can be deployed to track hole deviation of boreholes prior to performing a blast. It can be used in a wide range of applications including mining, quarrying, geotechnical, and engineering.

The Boretrak2 probe is fitted with a gyro as part of the inertial measurement unit (IMU) to accurately measure the angle of rotation during deployment. With this unique feature, the Boretrak2 can be deployed in any direction quickly and easily.

Increase Blasting and Workforce Efficiency:

Optimizes blasting and engineering works by easily creating detailed maps of drilling activity

Reduces the need for large teams with entire drilling sites able to be measured and modelled in hours

Portable, lightweight, and hand-deployable, the system is designed to be used by a single operator

Checks drilled holes and produces in-the-field reports in minutes

On-site drilling operations become data-led with no guesswork and knowledge gaps