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We offer the most comprehensive, up-to-date series of training seminars in the explosives industry. Designed and taught by an explosives expert with years of practical blasting experience, Explosives Educational seminars combine relevant elements of blasting theory and practice in an interactive, field-oriented format. Seminar participants are exposed to the latest in explosives technology and come away with an understanding of how this technology can help them solve the problems they face every day in the field.
Choose from one of our courses below:

Surface Blasting...
Our premier SURFACE BLASTING course is an intense, 3-day, field-oriented program covering all aspects of the latest, state-of-the-art blasting methods and technology. Taught by explosives experts with decades of practical blasting experience, attendees will be instructed on the history of explosives, commercial explosives, delivery systems, and electronic and pyrotechnic initiation systems.

Course instructors dive into a broad base of explosives topics focused on improving a blast’s performance including blast design, measurements, and geological factors relating to shot design. Attendees will learn more about vibration control, trenching and transient pressures, as well as controlled blasting and performance.

Those involved with the use of explosives – explosive engineers, drillers and field crews, and D&B engineers – are encouraged to attend to receive the latest information in the explosives and blasting industry. Attendees will receive 20 CEU’s (Continued Education Credits) upon course completion.

Blasting Explosives Safety Training (BEST)...
Our 2 1/2 day BEST (BLASTING EXPLOSIVES SAFETY TRAINING) seminar provides comprehensive safety instructions for commercial explosives and blasting. Course instructors focus on what attendees need to know about safely handling explosives: application, hazard recognition and accident prevention.

Ram, Inc., has upgraded the BEST training seminar to include extensive instruction covering:
• Comprehensive safety instructions for commercial explosives and blasting
• Updates on electronic blasting systems and supporting technologies
• Regulatory updates by specialists from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

Those involved with the use of explosives – explosive engineers, drillers and field crews, safety personnel and D&B engineers – are encouraged to attend to help comply with state and federal regulations. Attendees will receive 20 CEU’s (Continued Education Credits) upon course completion.

Explosives Safety Training (EXSAT)...
For first responders, explosives recognition and knowledge can be a matter of life or death. Our 2-day EXSAT (EXPLOSIVES SAFETY TRAINING) course instructs attendees on explosives safety, product identification and the characteristics of explosives.

EXSAT covers the basics of the types of explosives and how they must be handled, should an accident happen. The instructor discusses at length hazard recognition, accident prevention, and blasting vibration and air overpressure, and the course provides the latest information on new product updates.

The course is taught by an explosives expert with decades of blasting experience. Groups benefiting from EXSAT education are first responders, fire and law enforcement, safety personnel, and local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Digital Blasting Technology...
The blasting industry has realized significant benefits with the advancement of Digital Blasting System technology. These systems feature both fixed and programmable electronic delay detonators with accuracies of 1/10th of a millisecond, computer aided design, remote firing systems, advanced safety and system diagnostics. These features, not available in pyrotechnic initiation systems, give the blast engineer design options that enhance performance and safety.

During this course, you'll learn how the accuracy and flexibility of the digital blasting technology allows the blast engineer to address safety, vibration and air overpressure, fragmentation and blast optimization issues. We'll also discuss the benefits and economic value resulting from lower vibration, better wall control, improved casting, fragmentation and ore recovery.

The course is taught by an explosives expert with decades of blasting experience. If you are considering switching to a electronic detonator digital blasting system or looking to improve and further optimize the use of these types of systems, this course is designed to provide you with the latest in technology and field application.


**Unfortunately, due to issues with Covid-19 and travel restrictions, the BEST Course has been postponed. **

BEST Blasting Course
Rapid City, South Dakota
September 2021

Register early! All previous BEST courses have sold out!

Click here to view picture from the Sept. 4-6, 2019 Surface Blasting Course in South Dakota


 Explosive Educational Services Seminar Group Photo

Who Should Take These Courses:
The EES Explosives Seminars are designed to meet the needs of:

• Blasters and Supervisors
Obtain a practical, up-to-date understanding of modern explosives usage...find out how to get the most for your explosives dollar...learn the importance of safety and safe handling methods.

• Management, Production and Safety Personnel and Supervision
Become familiar with the fundamentals of blasting safety, methods, design, and economics...and with explosives components and safe assembly procedures.

• Government, Insurance, Industry Inspectors, Public Safety Organizations (Firefighters, Law Enforcement) and Research Personnel
Receive a background for assessing and assuring safety in blasting and in manufacturing with explosives components.

Methods and Instruction
Each course is taught by a thoroughly experienced explosives engineer whose experience includes blasting techniques, safety principles and personnel training. Lecture material is illustrated with case history workshops, videos, slides, chalk talks and discussion sessions. Reviews and quizzes at the end of each section help ensure understanding and retention of material and the assembly procedures discussed in these seminars are based upon many years of experience and the best information available on these subjects. Please note, however, that full qualification cannot be conveyed or obtained in a classroom presentation. Thus we do not certify that satisfactory completion of these training programs will equip those attending with all the necessary knowledge, skills and judgement to work safely with explosives.



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